EMAGIN®: Equine Mapping and Geographical Information Network

The British Horse Society and its volunteers are committed to preserving, defending and extending our bridleway network throughout the UK. Every day we dedicate significant resources to the preservation of access and rights of way for all equestrians.

During the past few years we have also tried to bring these bridleway networks to you in a digital format called Emagin. While we have succeeded in digitising 21,546 kilometres, we find that riders prefer using alternative means of exploring and mapping the routes they wish to ride and carriage drive.

As a result, we have decided to cease our efforts to digitise the equestrian networks of Britain through Emagin and focus our resources on the work we do best - preserving, defending and extending the equestrian network.

Happy hacking and driving to you all.

EMAGIN displays the National Bridleroute Network for Britain and Ireland which benefits not only equestrians but also walkers and cyclists as they are able to use the majority of these routes, allowing users to find safe off-road riding or carriage driving routes on Ordnance Survey maps, aerial photographs or street view and print these for free.